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two groups of hot shot and foul shoot athletes posting on the court in front of bleachers

Hot Shot & Foul Shoot

Men's and Women’s Tournament

August 22, 2021 - 9:30am
McAuley High School Gym, Portland - DIRECTIONS

Event Details

“Foul Shot” will include 5 warm ups (optional) and 15 shots per round for a total of 30 shots. Players will have no more than 20 seconds between shots with other players doing the rebounding for the shooter. Combined score from the two rounds will determine the winners. 75+ age groups will shoot two feet in front of the foul shot line.

“Hot Shot” will include two 90 second rounds, both starting at the half court line. Players must shoot, rebound, and dribble from any shooting spot of their choice to another, or back to the same spot. There are 5 spots to shoot from including a 3-pointer. In addition, each player is permitted to score a maximum of two lay-ups (2 points each). Anyone shooting at all 5 spots, regardless of whether they go in or not, will get a bonus of 5 points. Combined score from the two rounds will determine the winners. 75+ will shoot 2 feet closer at each marker. See below in ( ).

Note: Players will have a brief break in-between rounds while waiting for other players to complete their turns.

The measurements for the five (5) hot spots will be measured from the point directly under the center of the basket to the center of each hot spot. The right and left sides are determined by standing directly under the basket facing center court. The following are each “hot spot” distance and location:

  • Hot Spot A is located in the left corner at 12 feet;  (10 feet)
  • Hot Spot B is located left of key or elbow of lane at 18 feet;  (16 feet)
  • Hot Spot C is located top of key or foul circle at 21 feet;  (19 feet)
  • Hot Spot D is located right of key or right elbow at 15 feet; (13)
  • Hot Spot E is located right corner at 15 feet.  (13)

This is not a National Senior Games event.

Results & Records

All results and records are in PDF format and will open in a new window/tab.

Photo Gallery

Hot Shot & Foul Shoot 2018


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